Trim your baby’s fingernails without the worry of cutting their fingertips

Trim your baby’s fingernails without the worry of cutting their fingertips

Trim your baby’s fingernails without the worry of cutting their fingertips

There is enough stress for first time parents as it is without adding the fear of cutting their little one’s fingertips when attempting to trim their fingernails. As newborns have extremely delicate skin, coupled with a lack of muscle control, all it takes is one tiny slip for an accident to happen.

Not only that, but an unsatisfactory trim runs the risk of your baby scratching his or herself when sleeping, playing or learning to grasp things.

Name any tactic you can think of and it’s probably been tried by parents desperate to complete what you would think is a relatively simple task.

A popular tip going around includes snipping those nails when your baby is asleep and tucked away at night. This may be effective if your little one is a deep sleeper, but how many parents have ever said that about their newborn? Plus, once they wake up, you will need to go through the whole process of calming them back down before proceeding to finish off the task.

Distractions and rewards have also been said to help on occasion, but sometimes busy parents just don’t have the time for all that coaxing.

This might get some parents wondering, is there a way to eliminate the hassle and risk altogether?

Thankfully, Little Martin’s Drawer has made this possible with their latest offering: a super cute and handy all-in-one baby finger and toe nail trimmer!

This little handheld gadget, which has been tried and tested, is both safe and effective at completing the dreaded task most parents face.

The cushioned sandpaper is perfect for trimming and polishing finger and toenails, all the while your baby will be blissfully unaware of what you are secretly up to.

The nail filing pads are also interchangeable according to your baby’s age, ensuring the protection of their cuticles and nail beds.

Parents looking for a completely safe and hassle-free method of trimming their baby’s fingernails are recommended to check out Little Martin’s Drawer’s baby nail file, available on the brand website or through Amazon.

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