Comfort your infant: Abolishing that archaic bulb aspirator from Little Martin's Drawer

Comfort your infant: Abolishing that archaic bulb aspirator from Little Martin's Drawer

Comfort your infant: Abolishing that archaic bulb aspirator from Little Martin's Drawer

As experienced parents know... a baby's stuffy, runny nose and persistent cough can keep your newborn and you from getting a restful nights sleep. Strong research has shown that comforting your newborn through these illnesses and other discomforts can help your child to develop a sense of empathy, trust, and confidence in forming new relationships. This might also explain why new parents naturally feel such a strong urge to do so, and why manufacturers and marketers are constantly creating and seeking innovative ways to help them nurture their little ones.

One of these new gadgets is a battery operated nasal aspirator (sometimes affectionately called a snot sucker) by Little Martin's Drawer. Last month I was invited to their startup space in San Francisco where I met with their Product Manager for a brief demonstration. She excitedly introduced me to the product by explaining “This is not your mothers bulb aspirator... it's so much easier to use and effective than its predecessor.” As she briefly demonstrated and handed me the product she continued to explain that:

Because a bulb styled aspirator is difficult to clean properly inside... there is always the opportunity for germs and mold to grow, and if any of these other unwanted “contents” flow or are accidentally blown back into the baby's nose it could trigger even worse symptoms and/or infections. With the battery operated nasal aspirator the hospital grade silicone internal and external parts can be removed and boiled for sterilization, and the pump is designed in such a way that the possibility for reverse flow of those unwanted “contents” is completely removed.

Little Martin's Drawer highly suggests you try the following tips in conjunction with their nasal aspirator for a more peaceful night with your stuffy newborn:

 1. Breathing moisture in the air helps keep nasal passages moist and help keep mucus thin. Humidifiers or cool-mist vaporizers accomplish this, but make sure to clean the device often so mold doesn't grow. For severe coughs, comfort your baby in a warm and steamy bathroom. 

2. Raise your baby's head. Elevate the head of your baby's crib a few inches by placing books under the legs of the crib. "This keeps the mucus draining in the right direction and helps ease coughing," says Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, a pediatrician and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

3. Encourage drinking of fluids. When your newborn is well hydrated these internal fluids will help thin mucus, which make it easier to clear. For babies under 6 months breast milk and formula are the best options.


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