Battery-powered nasal aspirators beat traditional methods in clearing a baby’s stuffed nose

Battery-powered nasal aspirators beat traditional methods in clearing a baby’s stuffed nose

Nasal congestion is very common among infants, especially for those under 6 months old, and with the market offering an array of products to assist parents with the task of clearing their baby’s blocked nose, it can get a little confusing when it comes to selecting which method is safest, yet effective.

When a newborn leaves the hospital, it is common for doctors to equip inexperienced parents with a little device known as a rubber bulb syringe.  This method involves squirting saline into your child’s nose, then going in with the syringe and suctioning out the built up mucus.

Though this has been the traditional go-to method for many parents, the bulbs are notoriously difficult to keep sanitary, and are not really designed for multiple uses. Thick or stubborn bits can also give parents a hard time when using this method, not to mention how irritated and squeamish newborns get when prodding at their nostrils.

Another popular device is the human suction nasal aspirator, which essentially is a tool through which parents can suck out mucus via a mouthpiece, tube and filter that catches snot into a neat little container for disposal.

There are pros and cons to this method. If parents can get over the gross factor, they can easily control the level of suction for an effective clean. There is, however, the possibility of catching the little one’s cold.

The team at Little Martin’s Drawer encourages parents to opt for what they have tried and tested to be the safest, convenient and most effective way to clear a baby’s blocked nose, that is, with a battery powered, handheld device.

A product like the Little Martin’s baby nasal aspirator is gentle, yet powerful at removing stubborn mucus without harming their delicate sinuses or lining.

Made with BPA free, premium hospital grade material, cleaning is a breeze. Simply wash the waterproof device after use. The mucus collection cup and nozzle can be easily removed and boiled for sterilization.  

The FDA approved device is also compact and can be taken along anywhere, ready for use with the simple push of a button.

Little Martin’s Baby Nasal Aspirator can be purchased on the website, or through Amazon.

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