Protect Your Baby from Germs and Bacteria with these Simple Steps

Protect Your Baby from Germs and Bacteria with these Simple Steps

Protect Your Baby from Germs and Bacteria with these Simple Steps

First time parents are often taken by surprise at the intensity of feelings and emotions that hit them when seeing their newborn face to face for the very first time. Among this sense of overwhelming, unconditional love comes a strong parental instinct to make sure the little one is protected from any harmful thing they could possibly encounter in this world.

One such harmful thing is the baby’s exposure to germs and bacteria. As a child’s immune system takes time to build and development from the time of birth, it is very important for parents to take steps and precautions right after leaving the hospital to ensure baby is best protected.

Although it is inevitable that your child will get sick at some stage while growing up, parents are recommended to follow these basic preventative measures.

Limit exposure in the first 2 months

During the first couple of months, infants are most susceptible to catching colds. Therefore, it is highly recommended for parents to limit their exposure to people unless it is absolutely necessary, such as taking them to see the doctor. Otherwise, keep them away from public areas like shopping centers, restaurants or supermarkets until they are at least six weeks old.

Watch out for contact

Around 80% of all infections result from some form of bodily contact, so washing hands and guarding your baby from contact is advised. A tip is to always carry with you disinfecting wipes to clean surfaces your baby will touch like public diaper changing areas, or bring with you hand sanitizer for when you’re not able to wash your hands.

Don’t neglect basic hygiene

Protect your newborn simply by making sure to clean and sanitize all bottles and feeding equipment before use. You can also wash and dry stuffed toys before giving it to them to play with.

Breast really is best

Numerous studies have shown that mother’s breast milk is best for health especially when it comes to passing on antibodies and immunities. Exclusively breastfeeding your baby for six months will boost their defense against colds and ear or throat infections.

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