The Amazing Benefits Breastfeeding Provides to Both You and Your Baby

The Amazing Benefits Breastfeeding Provides to Both You and Your Baby

The Amazing Benefits Breastfeeding Provides to Both You and Your Baby

One of the most important decisions expectant parents need to make is how they will feed their baby. Although there are many milk powder options in the market boasting of formulas filled with the necessary vitamins and supplements infants need, research has found that mother’s milk will give your baby the best possible start in life.

There are innumerous benefits that breastfeeding offers to both you and your baby. These not only include physical health benefits but also a range of emotional and psychological benefits.

Benefits for your baby

One of the major health benefits of breastfeeding is a boost your baby’s immune system, which is especially critical in the first few months when they are most susceptible to illness or infection. 

Mother’s milk contains all the vital nutrients, substances and energy a baby needs for healthy growth, development, and protection against a wide range of diseases including ear infection, diarrhea, pneumonia, bronchiolitis and meningitis.

Even after weaning, there is evidence your child will have additional protection against obesity, diabetes, asthma, eczema, and some forms of cancer in their later years. Furthermore, breastfed babies are found to be at a lower risk of having allergies than those on a cow’s milk based formula.

Breastfeeding is also a great way to develop the bond between mother and child as physical contacts creates a sense of warmth and closeness.

Benefits for mothers

Many moms are often surprised at how beneficial breastfeeding is for themselves. As breastfeeding is the natural method, it comes with a host of postpartum advantages that formula cannot provide. 

The body will release good hormones when you nurse your little one. These include prolactin, which gives a sense of joy, peace and fulfillment, as oxytocin which promotes a strong sense of love and attachment.  

Breastfeeding also helps to quickly return the size of your uterus to prior before pregnancy, and delays the return of your menstrual period to help retain iron in you body. It has also been linked to keeping bones strong and prevent fracturing in older age, as well as reduce the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. 

Studies have also found that breastfeeding provides mothers with an overall sense of maternal fulfillment, which most list as their top reason for choosing nursing over formula.

Through the act of breastfeeding, mothers are able to create a unique, powerful connection with their baby, which is a vital aspect of a loving and safe home.

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