Companionship with your baby early on helps prepare them for the future ahead

Companionship with your baby early on helps prepare them for the future ahead

Companionship with your baby early on helps prepare them for the future ahead

Even in the first few months, a baby’s brain will develop according to what they experience on a daily basis. During this time, it is important for babies to be in an environment which makes them feel safe, secure and most importantly, loved.

Benefits of Establishing Companionship with Your Baby

It has been found that companionship helps babies to grow and develop best. By establishing a ‘bond’ or ‘attachment’, parents are setting them up for what to expect in future relationships. Other major benefits include growing their level of confidence, emotional control, ability to cope with stress, and interpersonal skills.

On the other hand, babies lacking deep and meaningful connections while growing up developed traits of being whiney, needy and preoccupied with their own concerns. They tend to carry around fear and insecurity, and are less likely to show empathy and compassion toward others.

How to Form Companionship with Your Baby

Even from birth, every baby is a unique person with their own likes and dislikes. Be warm and responsive as you figure out what they need and when.

Learn to communicate with your baby by talking, smiling and looking into their eyes. When babies feel loved they will reciprocate the connection using their own special signs. Pay attention to when your baby appears unhappy or stressed.

It is extremely important not to ignore them, punish them, or let them cry for too long before alleviating their discomfort.

Spend Quality Time Together

Babies love company and enjoy spending quality time with parents and caregivers. When interacting with your child, make sure to look into their eyes, smile and talk to them gently.

Tell them what you are doing, and name things that they look at. Also, tell your baby what will happen next, like when you will change their nappy, feed them or put them to bed.

Playing and Reading Together

Reading aloud a story while showing your baby some bright, colorful pictures is a great way to help them develop and bond with you. Even just a few minutes a day will create a sense of closeness and safety for your child.

Babies are also very curious and learn through playing and exploring. Take them for walks outside to look at how leaves and grass move in the wind, give them things to feel and touch, and let them hear the different noises in the world.

The ‘Love of Companionship’ is Key to Your Baby’s Future

One of the core values of Little Martin’s Drawer is the ‘Love of Companionship’ bestowed upon a child from their parent. As a child’s early years are the building blocks for their future, it is crucial for parents to know how to care for babies and provide experiences that help prepare a strong foundation for their little one’s future.

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