How To Travel With A Newborn

How To Travel With A Newborn

How To Travel With A Newborn

How To Travel With A Newborn

It is generally advised to wait until your newborn is at least a few weeks old before travelling longer distances. Babies need a lot of attention and care which can make commuting difficult to manage and exhausting.

However, if it is necessary for you to travel with your baby, there are ways you can prepare ahead of time in order to make the trip more safe and comfortable. 

Prefeed and be well rested 

The best way to begin your trip is to make sure both you and your baby are well rested and fed. This will help keep you both calm amidst the stress of traveling.

 If taking a flight, feed your baby and burp him or her well before boarding. Have his favorite toy or book on hand during the flight to give him something to play with. On a long train tip, give him a chance to see the scenery if he wakes, and lay him down safely every couple of hours to let him kick his legs.

Choose the right travel gear

Depending on your mode of transportation and destination, choosing the right travel gear will help make the journey smoother and easier. A travel system pram with a car seat function will allow you to move him in and out from the car and onto the stroller without disturbing his sleep.

Otherwise, if you are traveling on public transport or by plane, wearing your baby in a front carrier or sling is ideal, as he or she will feel safest, and is therefore most likely to keep calm and sleep. This will also make it easier for you to access passports, tickets or other items, all while holding your baby snugly.

Pack what you need

What you pack will depend on the activities you will partake in, so make sure to plan ahead of time. If you are taking a holiday and your baby usually sleeps in a cot, be sure to arrange a cot or bassinet upon reservation so your baby can rest well when starting your trip. You can also choose to bring along a cot your baby is familiar with, or use a travel system that is suitable for overnight sleeping.

Not all rooms will have thick curtains or blinds, so you may also want to consider packing travel blackout blinds in case your baby wakes during sunrise. Baby sunshades and sun pods are also good for protecting your baby from the wind and sun throughout the day.

Asides from these, you will need all the usual supplies including nappies, wipes, a changing mat, bibs, clothes, a breast pump and bottles. A travel-friendly pump like the Electric Breast Pump from Little Martin’s is lightweight, compact, and will allow you to pump without plugging into a socket, making it easy to use when on the plane, or transiting.  

Other items you may want to consider bringing are a couple of your baby’s favorite books or toys, and a universal bath plug if a bath is part of your baby’s routine. It is also highly recommended to pack a basic first aid kit.

Little Martin’s travel friendly range also includes an Electric Nasal Aspirator for when your baby gets a stuffy nose, and an Electric Nail Trimmer that will make it quick and easy to keep your baby’s nails groomed throughout the trip. 

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