Selecting the Perfect Bottle for Your Baby

Selecting the Perfect Bottle for Your Baby

Selecting the Perfect Bottle for Your Baby

With so many options to choose from, selecting the perfect bottle for your baby can be overwhelming. Before you commit to purchasing a whole set of baby bottles for your newborn, make sure to read through our tips on what to look out for in your search for the best bottle.


Try a few different types

Although some babies will take to any type of bottle without a fuss, others will have a preference for a particular bottle size or nipple shape. The best way to discover what your baby likes is by trying out a few different types when you introduce your little one to bottle feeding. Try asking friends to recommend brands or check online reviews.

Manufacturers have designed various types of bottles and nipples that simulate the feel of nursing, or are better at preventing gas, colic, or spit up. If your baby has any specific concerns, find a bottle that addresses the issue and works for your baby.


Bottle material

Plastic bottles are the most common and a good option as they are light, do not shatter, and cheap. If you opt for plastic bottles, make sure they are BPA free. You will also need to replace these more frequently as they deteriorate quicker.

Parents worried about chemicals in plastic can consider glass. These last longer than plastic but are more expensive. You will also need to be careful as they can shatter.

Other options are silicone or stainless steel, which are both durable, unbreakable and lightweight. However, these are more expensive and can be difficult to find in stores. 


Bottle shape

Your baby may also have a preference for the shape of the bottle. Look for ergonomic designs with an angled neck which will make it easier to hold. Although a bottle with a wider neck is easier to clean and may make measuring formula easier, these bottles may not fit into regular-sized cup holders on strollers or in cars.



Nipples come in all different materials, shapes, sizes, and flow speeds. As a general rule of thumb, start newborns off with the smallest size and slowest flow, and gradually increase these as they get older.

Opt for silicone nipples as they are firmer and hold their shape longer than latex nipples. Also, beware of nipples with any cracks or tears. Throw these out and replace them.

Make sure to test out different nipple shapes before buying a full set. Traditional nipples are bell or dome shaped, while orthodontic nipples are flat on one side to rest against the child’s tongue. Finding a nipple shape that matches yours may help your baby to transition easily between breastfeeding and the bottle.

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