Fun Ways to Capture Precious Memories of Your Baby

Fun Ways to Capture Precious Memories of Your Baby

Fun Ways to Capture Precious Memories of Your Baby

As new parents, it is normal to want to capture and preserve every precious memory or milestone your baby reaches, from his very first steps, to his first artwork!

 Thankfully, there are many fun and creative ways in this day and age to capture such moments that your children are sure to appreciate when they are older. Don’t miss a thing by checking out our list below:


Use your phone

With the popularity of smartphones, it’s no wonder that so many baby photos and videos are popping up in every social media newsfeed. Using your phone is one of the easiest and fun ways to capture and share moments of your baby’s journey growing up.

Most smartphones have shortcuts to open up its camera or video recorder function instantly, which helps when your baby suddenly learns a new word or makes an adorable facial expression. To add to the fun, there are an endless number of applications available that allows you to combine, enhance, and decorate photos.


Record sounds from the womb

Documenting memories of your baby doesn’t need to start after birth. Baby sound monitors can safely pick up and play your baby’s sounds from inside the womb. The Little Martin’s Baby Sound Amplifier is a great choice as it allows you to record sound clips which can be shared and stored for listening later on.

Try recording sound clips at various stages of pregnancy to hear changes in the heart beat rate, hiccups or other movements, and make sure to back up on your computer!


Hire a photographer

If you would rather leave it in the hands of a professional, look into hiring a photographer to take some baby or family portraits. You can opt to visit a studio, or choose a casual setting like home, or an outdoor area that your baby enjoys spending time at.


Create home decor

Create special home decor like picture frames, a canvas artwork, mugs, or even fridge magnets with your baby’s picture to mark certain milestones. This option is great for busy parents who don’t have time for scrapbooking or filling up photo albums. When creating the item, make sure to request the date and event be printed on as keepsake.


Write a blog

If you love to express thoughts with words and want to remember your baby’s days in this way, then you may want to consider starting a blog. You can quickly post updates or write longer, reflective entries to capture feelings and memories of your baby’s life journey.


Create a baby book

Though this may take more time and effort, scrapbooking to create a baby book will give you and your baby a sentimental treasure that holds all those precious memories. You are also sure to have loads of fun building each page. Play with different colors, lighting and materials to create the perfect baby memory book.

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