Bond With Your Baby When Bottle Feeding

Bond With Your Baby When Bottle Feeding

Bond With Your Baby When Bottle Feeding

For some moms, bottle feeding may be the best option. If you are unable, or choose not to breastfeed your baby, there are still ways to ensure you get a worthwhile bonding experience with your little one during feeding time.

Follow these tips below to help feel closer to your little one when bottle feeding.

Do most of the feeding yourself

Being a mother is exhausting at times, so it may be tempting to pass off the feeding job to your partner or someone else when the going gets tough. But hang in there and commit to bottle feeding your baby as often as you can.

During feeding times, cuddling with your baby and simply spending that time together will help you to both feel closer to one another.

Do skin to skin

Mimic what would usually happen with breastfeeding by doing skin to skin with your baby during feeding times. Not only will this help with bonding, but your baby will feel like he is getting the same experience.

In colder winter months try using a blanket or doona to wrap yourself together with your little one to feel extra close.

Cuddle and chat

Use bottle feeding times with your baby as a chance to spend some quality time together. Create a quiet and tidy area so you have a relaxing atmosphere to cuddle, chat, sing, or simply be in each other’s presence.

Make sure to watch out for distractions like the TV or your phone that will detract from the bonding experience.

Swap arms

Though this may look and feel a little strange, swapping arms when your baby gets halfway through the bottle can help you feel close to your little one. Asides from imitating breastfeeding, this will also provide relief for you arms, especially as he gets heavier.

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