A Guide On Taking Your Baby Out For the First Time

A Guide On Taking Your Baby Out For the First Time

A Guide On Taking Your Baby Out For the First Time

It is completely normal for new parents to feel nervous about taking their little one out of the home for the very first time. Going out into the public with a newborn can feel intimidating when considering having to feed, nappy change, or handle crying with others watching.

 But now you can relax and be prepared to travel with the newest member of your family with our guide below.


Pack a diaper bag

A well stocked diaper bag with all the essentials is a must have for all outings with your baby. Make a checklist, or even pack the night before, to make sure you don’t forget anything. Check out our diaper bag essentials when travelling with newborns.


Get familiar with your pram

Navigating your way around with a pram is something can be surprisingly confusing. Try practicing the mechanisms of your pram such as opening and folding before you set out into areas that can be busy and chaotic.


Leave plenty of time to get ready

If you’re on a schedule, make sure to allow plenty of time to get ready. Your baby could demand a last minute feeding or need a nappy change right when you’re about to step foot out the house.


Limit the time you are out

Keep your very first outing short and simple. Allow yourself time to grow your confidence and become comfortable with feeding and caring for your baby in public. Soon you’ll find yourself easily preparing for longer day trips with your little one.


Take a baby carrier just in case

It is possible your baby will get restless in the pram and want to be held instead. This is when a baby carrier will come in handy so you can still have two hands free to push the pram.

Avoid crowded places

Public areas that are crowded can pose a potential health hazard for your newborn. These areas tend to be less clean and can be a place filled with germs or viruses. Until your baby is older and his or her immune system has further developed, stay away from such places when going out with your newborn.

Most of all, make sure to relax and enjoy the experience of going out with your baby for the very first time!

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