Winter: A Must-Have Tool to Clear Your Baby's Dry, Stuffy, Runny, Congested Nose

Winter: A Must-Have Tool to Clear Your Baby's Dry, Stuffy, Runny, Congested Nose

No parent wants their baby to feel stuffy, uncomfortable though a runny nose doesn’t always mean a cold. In the winter, it could be your baby’s nose tries to protect itself when you go out into the cold air. It produces more mucus to keep his nose moist and clear of particles. It’s easy for little noses to become congested because there isn’t much space. 

Parents can rest assured that a stuffy and runny nose is not uncommon among infants. But what's a desperate mom could do to ease her baby's blocked nose? 

An option is the human suction nasal aspirator, which essentially is a tool through which parents can suck out mucus via a mouthpiece, tube and filter that catches snot into a neat little container for disposal.

There are pros and cons to this method. If parents can get over the gross factor, they can easily control the level of suction for an effective clean. There is, however, the possibility of catching the little one’s cold.

The team at Little Martin’s Drawer encourages parents to opt for what they have tried and tested to be the safest, convenient and most effective way to clear a baby’s blocked nose, that is, with a battery powered, handheld device.

Little Martin’s Drawer baby nasal aspirator is gentle, yet powerful at removing stubborn mucus without harming your little one's delicate sinuses or lining.

Made with BPA free, premium hospital grade material, cleaning is a breeze. Simply wash the waterproof device after use. The mucus collection cup and nozzle can be easily removed and boiled for sterilization.  

The FDA approved device is also compact and can be taken along anywhere, ready for use with the simple push of a button.

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