Stress-Free Nail Care for babies is possible!

Stress-Free Nail Care for babies is possible!

Stress-Free Nail Care for babies is possible!


It is no brainer that, if you’re new to parenting and have a mischievous new-born, your life is not as easy as it was. You need to scrutinize every single thing from diapers to car seats. This novelty can be quite intimidating for you.

This is why you need a great pair of baby trimmers or baby nail clippers with light to make your day-to-day life easier.

The bottom line is a good pair of nail cutters for your baby is a lifesaver. So, here’s everything you should know about baby nail care.


Why do you need baby nail cutters?

Some parents might be wondering, why do they even want a nail cutter for their baby in the first place. Don’t ever come to the conclusion that nail cutters for babies are an unwanted necessity.

The reason is, your baby’s nails are constantly growing, not to mention fast. When they get uncomfortably long, they get jagged, and sharp making your baby injure itself. According to Josh, a dad for over 10 years and counting at, baby nail clippers prevent the painful cuts on those little ones’ bodies. What’s worse, they become sharp as razors with a little length.

You don’t have to trim their fingernails frequently, but they definitely should be trimmed properly from time to time.

Newborns or babies’ skin is soft, mild and prone to injury if you’re not careful with the tools you choose for their nail care. This is why baby trimmers or nail care kits like Little Martin’s Baby Nail Care Kit are specially designed for tiny baby fingers in order to achieve the goal safer than the adult nail cutters.


What are baby nail cutters exactly?

Some might wonder why cannot they use a regular nail cutter for their toddler. The main reason is their augmented safety. Especially as a parent, you have a responsibility not to injure your little one’s fingers, or tear the nails.

Therefore, a specifically made nail cutter should be used that is perfectly sized and shaped for the job. Likewise, these nail cutters for babies usually come with special features. So, the smaller versions of adult nail cutters cannot do the job as nearly as easy as these when it comes to the features.

Some of the common features that come with baby nail cutters are,

  • A magnifying glass to see the tiny newborn nails.
  • An LED light that is fixed under the clipper for better visibility and accuracy.
  • Spy holes placed in front of the clipper for you to see where the blades will be cutting.
  • Oversized grips and handles for you to make it comfortable to handle the clippers on your baby’s nails.
  • Built with overlapping edges to prevent accidental cuts.
  • Eye-catching designs for your baby to have fun while nail trimming as they grow up.


How to use baby nail cutters or trimmers?

The best time to cut babies’ nails is when they are sleeping, so they won’t get scared or wiggle and squirm making the task difficult for you. If your kid is a bit older you can strap them into a high chair or a car seat prior to cutting their nails.


  • Find a well-lit place and take someone else’s help if you’re a newbie at this task.
  • Slowly pull the baby’s finger pad away from the nail and cut it, so you won’t nick the skin.
  • Cut the toenails straight across. This will prevent ingrown nails that will cause discomfort for your baby.


If you find yourself struggling to use baby nail clippers with light or scissors, you can opt for a baby nail trimmer. If you choose one of the best baby electric nail trimmers such as Little Martin's Baby Electric Nail Trimmer with Light, you might feel that baby nail care is easier than ever.

With these, you can swiftly trim and polish your baby’s finger and toenails without the thought of cutting their skin off. These trimmers are quite silent as well so you won’t wake up your baby. 

  • With the baby nail trimmer, you’ll get several grinding heads that are suitable for any baby.
  • Likewise, there are 3 attachments for adult use as well.
  • You need to put 2 AA batteries and start the trimmer with the desired grinding head.
  • With the light of the trimmer, you have a clear sight of your baby’s nails and the grinding head.
  • Gently take your baby’s fingernails and trim them while they are asleep.
  • There are multiple speeds, so you can control your movement. 


Tips for baby nail care

If you’re a new parent, the thought of trimming your baby’s nails itself can intimidate you. However, if you follow the correct steps, this might not be a burden but a great advantage for both you and your baby. Here are some baby nail care tips you might find handy.

  • Filing your baby's nails can seem like a lot of work, but it pays off if your baby is a newborn and you don’t need to worry about cutting the baby’s skin. However, if you opt for only using a file, do it with an emery board which is gentle for the baby’s skin.  
  • In case you choose to trim your baby’s nails while they are awake, sing to them as you trim their nails. Nail trimming just after a bath is also a good approach because the baby is relaxed and the nails are soft.
  • Imagine you accidentally cut your baby’s skin along with the nail. Don’t panic. Just rinse the wound with cold water and cover it up with sterilized gauze or cloth.
  • If you think you’re still not up for baby nail care, putting a couple of cotton mittens over their hands and socks on their feet might help with the scratching. However, this might make the baby uncomfortable.
  • Never bite their nails, as it can introduce germs and leave them jaggedy. 


Wrapping up

Baby’s nails grow unbelievably fast and not to mention sharp. When they move their arms and legs, these razor-sharp nails can scratch and cut their skin easily. Therefore, investing in baby nail clippers with light, or one of the best baby electric nail trimmers will be a huge benefit for you.








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