Unfolding the Myths about Baby Hair Cutting

Unfolding the Myths about Baby Hair Cutting

Unfolding the Myths about Baby Hair Cutting

Many first-time moms encounter a tinge of fear to give their baby a haircut. Out of any hint, they may learn all about the act of taking care of baby from popular beliefs which many times contrary to science-based tips.

Here are the keys to common misconceptions for caring baby's hair.  

When is the right time for your baby’s first haircut?

There is no right time to cut your baby’s hair. But if you need a guide, perhaps it's when you notice:

  • Hair begins to get in your baby’s eyes or is annoying on his or her neck
  • When sideburns start to look like wings

Will shaving your baby's head influence his hair to become thicker?

Pediatrician Dr. Cindy Gellner explained that hair texture and growth rate are determined by genetics, and the only time a person's hair will change is due to  chemotherapy.

Will cutting a baby's hair before their first birthday give them awful hair?

No, there is no scientific proof to this. It has to stick with genetics, it is not about the timing of baby's first haircut.

Do you cut your baby's hair dry or damp?

It is best to cut baby's hair dry to avoid any unpleasant surprises as hair will seem longer when wet. 

"Should I wash my child's hair until it creaks to be thoroughly clean?"

Shampooing your child's hair until it creaks can make your child's hair dry and kinky. Stick to lathering just once and rinsing thoroughly with baby shampoo and it is safe if it gets into their eyes.       

“Simply be reminded that cutting child's hair does not strengthen the regrowth either. However, it does allow you to rebalance the hair growth. It is also an opportunity for you to keep the hair out of your child's face, ears and off the nape of the neck, where it particularly tends to stick,” according to expert hairdresser, Jean Louis David.

Cutting a baby or toddler's hair can be quite tricky, especially when you try to cut the hair while holding a squirming baby still. Some parents prefer to get their baby's hair trimmed at a hair salon while others prefer to cut their baby’s hair themselves at home with a blunt-ended scissors.

A great option is the baby hair clipper from Little Martin’s Drawer which is whisper quiet can help your child stay calm, and also it's waterproof design. Your child can play with water while you give him a haircut!


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