How to Soothe a Baby from Crying?

How to Soothe a Baby from Crying?

How to Soothe a Baby from Crying?

The first thing that a baby does when he gets out of his mother’s womb is to cry loudly. Yes, a baby indeed cries and he does it for a reason.

 And if you are a first-time mom, you should know why is your baby crying and how to stop him from crying. To give you ideas on how to understand, handle and soothe his crying, you may read further below some details.

What are the reasons why a baby is crying?

Experts say that a baby cries when they want to say something to you. It is his way of communication because he could not talk yet. Of course, a newborn baby cannot say, “Hello mom, I’m hungry!” Or “I’m wet!”

You may be wondering why he is crying loudly and doing it for a few hours. The average hour a baby would cry is about 3 hours. And that is quite long and disturbing. To recognize and know why your baby crying, here are some of the reasons why they shed tears or howl:

  • Hunger
  • Wet or dirty diaper
  • Pain or sickness
  • Fatigue or sleepiness
  • Stranger anxiety or fear
  • Discomfort or do not like noise
  • Acid reflux or stomachache
  • Food allergies

How to soothe a crying baby?

The real challenge for parents is how to stop the baby from crying. You may start with the basics by knowing the reason why your baby is crying. Here are some steps on how to handle him:

     1. Determine the reason

There are a few reasons why your baby weeps. You will know if he is hungry if you put your finger near the end of the side of his mouth. When he responds like grabbing your finger, then he is hungry. He probably thinks that your finger is his milk bottle. If he is not hungry, check out his diaper if wet. Meanwhile, if the baby cries for so long, he might have a sickness or pain. It is advisable that you bring him to his pediatrician right away, especially if he does not stop from crying after doing the following ways below.

  1. Feed the baby

After knowing the reason and you find out he is hungry, then feed him immediately. Check your feeding schedule from time to time to prevent your baby from being hungry and crying.

  1. Change diaper

Your baby will feel discomfort if he is wet. Usually, a baby cries out loud. This is the time that you make him comfy by changing his diaper.

  1. Touch the baby with your hands

Touching or caressing your baby’s hands, cheek, legs, and stomach may stimulate his brain’s receptors and makes your baby calm. A study indicates that long and smooth touch is better than the short strokes. Hold him gently and swaddle him with your arms.

  1. Distract the baby

Take your baby out or introduce him to a new toy or something that is new to him. You may also talk to him or sing a song. This may shift his attention and change his mood.

It is normal when your baby cries. You just need to understand him and meet his needs. Soon, he will stop from crying. The good news is when your baby starts to talk, he will surely refrain from crying always.

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