8 Clever Ideas to Make Your Child's Learning ABC's Fun!

8 Clever Ideas to Make Your Child's Learning ABC's Fun!

8 Clever Ideas to Make Your Child's Learning ABC's Fun!

The foundation at the earlier age plays an integral part in making a child education successful. One of the most challenging tasks in early child development is learning the alphabet.

Alphabet in particular is instrumental in guiding your child mastery of the language, writing and general expression. As a parent, you do want to participate in your child's learning experience and ensure that he can keep up with peers and teachers teaching in school.

Do you still remember Helen Keller Story? In the story Beyond the Miracle Worker, Helen's teacher dedicated her life to help Helen (who was deaf-blind person) learning sign language alphabet and helped her make tremendous progress with her ability to communicate. Helen's teacher said, "What I wanted to give you Helen is everything that we are, what would be dream of - think and feel and know and share. It's all in words." 

If your child is having difficulty mastering the alphabet, I would like to share with you important tips to make your child's alphabet learning fun.


1...Practice Name Writing

You can begin by teaching them to write their name, identifying specific alphabets that make up their name. If they can write their name they will master all those letters in their name.


2...Play Word Games

There are several kids games like Crosswords, Scramble, Scrabble, and Wordsearch that involves different spelling, most of these games are designed to help your child master the alphabets. You also can look out for different YouTube videos on word games that you can teach your kid.


3...Teach Your Child to Solve Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzles

Nothing gives your child a sense of accomplishment than a complete jigsaw puzzle and it has a lifetime impact on the development of the child ability to master the alphabet. 


4...Help Your Child Identify Letters in Common Names

When you are shopping with your child, you should point out different words and show them the letters to help your child to understand the alphabet. Common brands like Disney, MacDonald, Apple, Lego and so forth can be a good starting point to show your child different letters and help them spell out the words.


5...Tracing and Coloring Letters

Tracing letters using stencils or free hand is another creative way to keep your child keen in learning about the alphabet. You can make it interesting and fun for the kids to draw and color the letters.


6...Beach & Mud Molding of Letters

When your child is playing in the sand pit, you can show them to draw the letters on the sand as well as on the beach. You can also show them how to mold different letters with clay. This can be a good way to learn as they play with their day to day items.


7...Pack a Box of Alphabet Meal

Your kid will be surprised and enjoy the alphabet meal with a good appetite.


8...Tactile Cards

Tactile cards allows children to explore the alphabet by tracing the letters with their fingers while interact with mother.

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