Tips For Establishing Your Baby's Routine

Tips For Establishing Your Baby's Routine

Tips For Establishing Your Baby's Routine

Establishing routines for your baby, such as eating, playtime, bathtime, and sleeping, can be very beneficial not only to you as a new parent, but for your baby. Although life will not always go according to plan, regulating your baby’s day will give a sense of predictability, which will in turn help your baby to be most comfortable knowing what is next to come in his or her schedule.

There is no set routine that will work for all babies, so find one that works for you and your household. Below are some tips on how to put together the best routine for your baby.



The most important routine to implement is your baby’s sleep time as this will allow your baby to get his or her much needed rest. You can start to do so at around 2-3 months, trying to follow your baby’s natural rhythm so ensure a smooth transition. Keep in mind that you may need to adapt as your little one’s sleep patterns develops over time.


Soothe and relax 

Planning a soothing activity prior to putting your baby to sleep is a great way to get him into bedtime mode. A warm bath will not only help your baby to relax, but get him nice and clean before getting into bed.


Talk, read, and sing to your baby 

Spending some time each day to interact with your baby is a great addition to your schedule, even if your little one can’t reply yet. A mother’s voice has been found to comfort and settle her baby, so make sure to include some time each day to chat, read a book, or sing songs to your baby.



An important component of your baby’s routine is to let off some steam at the end of the day with some energetic games. Try active games like peek-a-boo or one that involves exploring and touching.


Be flexible

Make sure to approach your schedule with a flexible mindset, as your baby may not always be in the mood for a nap at the set time. Keep your routine open to change according to the signals your baby is giving you.

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