How to Care for Dental Cleaning in Babies and Infants

How to Care for Dental Cleaning in Babies and Infants

How to Care for Dental Cleaning in Babies and Infants

The earlier you start with oral hygiene in your baby the better, as during the first months of life, baby is in a passive oral phase, in which he enjoys the massage and manipulation of his mouth.

Use a Wet Gauze

Begin cleaning the gums from birth, once a day, taking advantage of the moment of bathing. Use a wet gauze, the tip of a clean cloth dampened in water or a silicone thimble only with boiled and purified water making gentle circular movements throughout the oral area of the baby, including tongue, gums, and teeth.

The thimble brushes can soothe the itching and discomfort caused by the eruption of the baby's first teeth, while at the same time cleansing his delicate mouth. Starting from the 6 months of life - when they begin to erupt their first milk teeth, it would be advisable to start using a toothbrush with soft bristles and a size appropriate for the baby's mouth. The brushing should be done in a soft and circular movement on each of the baby's teeth and is exclusively with water.

Use a Toothbrush

As for toddler, perform oral hygiene with a toothbrush the size of his mouth. If your toddler does not wake up to eat at night or eat sweets, you can brush his teeth only with water. Otherwise, you should use 1000ppm fluoride toothpaste.

Use Flosser

If your child have already had his molars, flossing between contact areas between the molars before sleeping. You can use a dental floss with wax, or use flossers.   

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