How Should I Organize Baby's Room So That Everything Fits?

How Should I Organize Baby's Room So That Everything Fits?

How Should I Organize Baby's Room So That Everything Fits?

If you are expecting a child, soon you'll begin to think how you want your baby's room to be. In this article, we'll offer some guidance on how to create a warm and lovely atmosphere in your little one's room.

Sorting out your baby's room so that everything fit can be a tough job. If you have children, then you already know this. But if you are becoming a mother for the first time, here are a couple of tips that will allow you to better handle space.

As you anticipate your baby's arrival, it’s absolutely normal to feel the need to prepare your home so that he or she is cozy. You want to provide the warmest welcome as well as a pleasant ambience. 

Below are 6 tips for organizing your baby’s room so that everything fits. Take note and put them to use in your home!


Tip #1 Pick the "Right" Room

Before anything else, you need to pick the right room for your baby. If you have alternatives to choose from, select a room that is far away from loud noises, and is well insulated to maintain the right temperature - about 70°F. Ensure the room is well ventilated, and that it gets natural light at some point during the day.

Next, you can start to decorate the room by painting the walls. When it comes to picking out wall colors, it’s best to go for soft colors like pale purple, blue, pink, lavender and lilac. To add a whimsical touch, you might consider to arrange some wall stickers, wallpaper bordering or other decorations on the walls.


Tip #2 Baby Furniture

As for furniture, the most essential thing is none other than a crib. Whether using a family heirloom or purchasing a new bed, make sure whatever you pick meets current safety standards. Besides that, you might want to include a small dresser or wardrobe. If you're tight on space, multi-functional furniture would be a wise option. Consider consolidating the changing table and a dresser into one unit, and use closet space or some small storage drawers for accessories and small clothing items. 


Tip #3 Decorative & Storage

Apart from storing a bazillion amount of baby clothes, you also need space for toys and all sorts of other stuffs. In this case, (adult-size) storage furniture is necessary. Invest in double-duty furniture such as ottomans, stools, and even beds with built-in storage. Meanwhile, adjustable shelves are great to adapt to all of your stuff including items like photos, your child’s foot prints, baby blankets, etc. Also, remember to keep diaper and changing items to the side of your dominant hand. If you're right-handed, keep your wipes and diaper pail to the right. When it comes to grabbing what you need, they'll never be out of reach.


Tip #4: Bedding

Bedding is a great way to add a soft touch to your little one’s nursery. Pillows, stuffed animals and crib bumpers can make the room look picture perfect, but remember that safety comes first. Leaving these items in the crib while your baby is sleeping increases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome. Bare is best! Your baby is safest while sleeping in a crib with nothing but a firm mattress and a snug fitted bottom sheet.

If you have hardwood floors, then a throw rug is great. Choose something that’s delicate and comfortable, and be sure to vacuum it regularly to keep dust from building up. 


Tip #5 Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of creating the ambience you’re looking for. You should include several soft white light sources. You can include a nightlight, a string of lights, a small table lamp, etc. You can also install a dimmer to customize lighting. 


Tip #6 Safety First

As you plan and choose, always keep your child’s safety in mind as your biggest priority. Remember that the first sense your child will develop is the sense of taste. In other words, babies put everything in their mouths as a means of exploration. Therefore, avoid placing any small objects within your little one’s reach.

Also, avoid leaving any pull strings or electric cables where your little one can reach them. These pose a threat for strangulation, not to mention the danger of electrocution with electric cords and outlets.

Besides, parents should be aware to prevent tip-over tragedy. Statistics show that about every 30 minutes a child in the U.S. is injured as a result of a TV or furniture tip-over incident. So anchor and protect! To prevent a tip-over tragedy, make sure to use sturdy furniture, secure your TV by anchored it to the wall, and remove tempting objects that might tempt kids to climb, such as toys and remote controls, from the top of the TV and furniture.


You may feel overwhelmed by so many options and aspects to bear in mind, but need not worry. Arranging your baby’s room will be a graceful and memorable experience.


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