Electric Bidet - It's Time to Improve Your Toilet Hygiene

Electric Bidet - It's Time to Improve Your Toilet Hygiene

Electric Bidet - It's Time to Improve Your Toilet Hygiene

Why you need a portable bidet

Have you ever used an electronic bidet? One of our primary concerns in life is our health, but most time we forget that our toilet is the most basic place. While we spend so much money on several safeguard measures, we tend to forget the little most important thing we need in our toilet.

Despite adopting the use of water to clean our bum after using the toilet, many have stubbornly continued to use dry paper. But do you know that wiping your bum or private part with dry paper won’t eliminate the contaminated bacteria?

Toilet hygiene is especially important for women, because of the special need to clean their genital and anal part. Although women need to be more conscious when using the toilet, toilet hygiene is essential to maintain a disease free family.

Nowadays, most people have swapped toilet paper for bidet toilet to make cleansing of their genital part easier. Better still, the electronic bidet is fast becoming the most important thing in the toilet because it is portable and easy to use. With an electronic bidet, one can spray both cold and hot water through the nozzles.

You may ask; why is electronic bidet so important?

Why you need electronic bidet

Electronic bidet offers a lot of benefits that paper will never provide for you. Here is the importance of electronic bidet:

  • It is more hygienic than paper
  • It helps you save money because you don’t need to buy it every time like you buy toilet paper
  • It is more environmentally friendly
  • It adds luxury to your toilet
  • It prevents toilet clogging
  • It’s good for kids health
  • It’s better than conventional bidet fixtures
  • You can fold and travel with it

Bidet how to use

If you are thinking about how to use a bidet, it is very easy to use. With it, you can gently wash your baby bottom without the harsh chemical in baby wipes. You can equally clean your bum, new mom’s private part following delivery, older adults and all family members can also use it.

When new mom just delivers her baby, electronic bidet provides the best technique to clean her properly. With an electronic bidet, you just have to spray her with either cold or warm water to clean her private part.

You can choose strong or soft flow modes based on your need, and you can easily select the water temperature. Also, its angle of spray head can be turned up to 180 degrees to achieve efficient cleaning. In fact, you can travel with electronic bidet because it is foldable and battery operated.

Here is the catch; you can get the electronic bidet at the most affordable price. Good things are not made for rich a person alone, which is why the electronic bidet is made available at an affordable price and you can buy it today.

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