Little Martin’s Breast Care Thermopads

$ 18.99

Little Martin’s Breast Care Thermopad Breast Ice Packs, Reusable Hot/Cold Therapy Breastfeeding Gel Pads Cooling Soothing Relief Of Pain, Swelling.Non-toxic, BPA free, and made from microwave and freezer safe material.Can be used with Little Martin’s Electric Breast Pump by wrapping heated pack around outside of flanges.

  • HOT & COLD THERAPY – Features advanced gel beads that absorb and deliver heat or cold for highly effective therapy
  • FOR BREASTFEEDING MOMS – Relieves engorgement, plugged ducts, or mastitis; reduces breast swelling and pain; stimulates breastmilk flow
  • COMFORTABLE & REUSABLE – Thermopads conform to your breast shape for a comfortable fit, and can be reused by simply washing the soft covers
  • SAFE FOR MOM AND BABY – Non-toxic, BPA free, and made from microwave and freezer safe material
  • COMPATIBLE WITH BREAST PUMP – Can be used with Little Martin’s Electric Breast Pump by wrapping heated pack around outside of flanges

Manual - Breast Care THermopads (PDF)

Customer Reviews

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Anna Cao
Great for blocked breast ducts!

Great product and very useful to increase breastmilk output while pumping. I heat it up in the microwave for 30-40 seconds, then add it to the pumping bra and start pumping. The heat softens block ducts so you have more output and reliefs engorgement. You can also use it for cold compress for anything really.

Michelle Credle
Absolute Godsend 😊😊😊

These thermopads are an absolute godsend! I had a clogged duct in my right breast and after one use I IMMEDIATELY felt so much better. You simply put it in the microwave for about 20-25 seconds and you have at least 15 minutes of relief. It also helps with your letdown right before you pump. I haven't used it cold yet (only because my preference is heat) but I'm sure it's wonderful as well. I would give it one hundred stars if I could! You will certainly not regret this purchase!

M. C.
Really cute and great shape

The fabric housing is soft and thin enough so that the heat or cold can get through. I actually like to freeze the housing with the pads for additional effect. Very helpful! Also a perfect gift for a new mama.

Work well, great price

These breast pads are amazing! They cause instant relief and really do help. I love that they come with the cover. Right now I’m close to my due date and am experiencing some pain, so I’m using them cool but did do a test warming them a bit to see if it would help with engorgement and they kept the heat in.

Stephanie Yee
Milk savior!

These have been a life savior or milk savior I should say. Applying these warm compress before breastfeeding allowed my ducts to get unblocked. Such a simple and cheap remedy to this problem I was facing. Absolutely recommend!