How to Make Brushing Teeth a Habit for Kids

How to Make Brushing Teeth a Habit for Kids

How to Make Brushing Teeth a Habit for Kids

Healthy teeth has a great impact to your child's overall development. Though some parents may think, "Is this really worth it? Baby teeth are just, like, temporary teeth, right?" But to your surprise, dentists urge oral care for kids to start as soon as the first tooth erupts.

Read on for some tips to get your child brushing teeth a habit.

Age 1: Wipe first teeth of your child with clean cloth.

Age 1 to 3: Let kid gnaw on age-appropriate toothbrush and play with follow by gentle brushing by the parent. This is definitely helpful in getting your child's teeth clean, and most importantly getting him comfortable, and familiar in adjusting and having just a toothbrush.

Age 0 to 5: Most of the toothpaste that has package will have an age on it, so opt for the age-appropriate toothpaste with 'toddler' mark on it. Most toothpaste for toddlers are also safe if swallowed and is fluoride free.

Age 3 to 5: There's great toothbrush design for this stage of development. Parents should make brushing twice a day a fun activity in the morning and in the evening. This age is a great time for little electric brushes with light, flavor, and character kids are having fun with.

Thankfully, the Research & Development team at Little Martin’s Drawer have came up with baby electric toothbrush they have tried and tested to be the soft and gentle, convenient, fun, and most effective for toddlers and kids. Your kid would certainly love it, and parents will just need to replace the toothbrush head every 3 months.

By the age 5, your child should be brushing on their own!

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