Pumping Breast Milk At Work

Pumping Breast Milk At Work

Pumping Breast Milk At Work

Returning to work after having a baby shouldn’t mean giving up breastfeeding. With the amazing range of health benefits that breast milk provides, it is worth preparing and planning ahead so that you can integrate the activities of breastfeeding and work seamlessly.

With more mothers now returning to work only a few months after giving birth, employers are becoming more aware of the need to provide a time and space for expression in the workplace. If you do plan to go back to work and want to keep your baby on breast milk, here are some tips that will help you prepare for a smoother transition.


Plan Your Feeding Schedule and Establish Your Milk Supply

Before returning to work, try setting up a definite feeding pattern by following scheduled nursing times for at least 4 weeks. It is important to avoid distractions while feeding such as talking on the phone or browsing the computer. A feeding schedule will not only help you set up for routine pumping times after returning to work, but also aids with expression and building a strong milk supply within the breasts.

Once you get started using a pump at work, a good tip to increase milk production is to pump for at least 15 to 20 minutes per session, even if the amount of milk expressed does not immediately increase.

Also try to add another pump session, either first thing in the morning or at the end of the day before going to bed. This will improve milk supply. It’s also a good idea to get as much as sleep as possible, especially on the weekends. 


Invest In A Travel-Friendly Breast Pump

Make your trips easier by opting for a travel-friendly breast pump. A lightweight, compact device will reduce extra weight to carry around, while a wireless operation feature removes the need to carry around cords or finding a power outlet whenever you need to use the pump.

Little Martin’s Electric Breast Pump is a great option providing mobile support to breastfeeding moms with its rechargeable battery and portable design. The quiet motor will also help you to feel more comfortable expressing at the workplace.


Speak With Your Employer In Advance

Make sure to talk with your employer well ahead of time about your plans to pump at work. Don’t be afraid to mention you will require a clean, private area with a lock on the door. This space could be a manager’s office or a corner of a storage room.

Breastfeeding employees have the legal right to break times and a private place to pump milk throughout the work day, so knowing your rights and communicating early on are key steps to transition back to work.

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