Establishing a Bond With Your Baby Before Birth

Establishing a Bond With Your Baby Before Birth

Establishing a Bond With Your Baby Before Birth

Bonding with your unborn child is a great way to prepare for your new life as a parent. By investing time and effort during pregnancy to develop a connection with your little one, you will be setting the stage for lifelong intimacy, enriching both you and your baby’s lives. When there is a healthy attachment between a mother and child, the child will grow up to believing that the world is a safe place and will be able to establish a relationship of trust with you.

It’s never too early to start the bonding process and get to know your little one with these tips below:


Touch and Massage Your Belly

A gentle, soothing way to bond with your baby is to touch, pat or massage your belly. Physical contact can be used as a way to communicate and send a signal of love to your baby while they are in the womb. To create a relaxing atmosphere, smooth on a dab of cream or oil, and you can also invite your partner to share in the bonding experience by massaging your bump gently.

For safety reasons, make sure to do this only after the first trimester. You can also use your hands to rub away any feelings of discomfort or smooth out ripples.


Keep a scan of your baby nearby

Pin up your baby’s scan on your bedroom wall or fridge door, or set it up as your phone’s background photo, as a constant reminder that a human being is growing inside your belly. A first scan is usually done at around 10 to 13 weeks to determine your estimated due date.  As the fetus develops, 3-D scans will also allow you to see details such as chubby cheeks, or when he or she sucks the thumb. Seeing the unborn baby increases the feeling that the baby actually exists and compels moms to take more responsibility in caring for herself and her baby.


Sing and Talk to Your Baby

Your baby will develop the ability to hear by the second trimester. Listening to your voice while still in the womb will help him or her recognize and feel attached to you once they are born. Try singing and humming along to calming tunes, or get your partner to talk soothingly to your baby bump.


Have a bath

A nice, warm soak is a great way to relax and devote some time to bond with your baby. Run a bath with some essentials oil, light some candles and play soft music to create a calm atmosphere. Take a moment to picture your baby and feel for your baby’s movements if they are past 20 to 24 weeks. Imagine yourself as a mother, cuddling and caring for your baby after he or she is born.

Prenatal bonding is a great way to help you make the huge transition to becoming a parent and providing your newest family member with a loving and safe environment to grow up in.

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