Top Breastfeeding Problems and How to Solve them 

Top Breastfeeding Problems and How to Solve them 

Top Breastfeeding Problems and How to Solve them 


Breastfeeding is a beautiful gift from nature given to the mother and child. While it is quite natural to breastfeed your baby, it can become problematic in some situations discussed in this article. You might need a milk extractor of a particular type for a case. 

When Does Milk Extractor Become Important?

There are different conditions in which using a milk extractor might become necessary, for example: 

  • Latching Pain: Your nipples can become painful in the process of latching the baby’s mouth to the nipple. It is a common issue which normally resolves with time. However, if it persists for a time longer than usual, it can become problematic. 


  • Cracked Nipples: Cracked nipples can be extremely painful and result through a number of ways – improper milk pumping, shallow latch, dry skin, thrush, and others. In the first week of your breastfeeding when the baby is new to latch, you might even experience a blood discharge. Cracked nipples can also induce this problem, however, it is nothing big to worry about. 


  • Engorged Breasts: In breastfeeding, breasts might become too bulgy with the milk resulting in difficulty for the baby to latch on to the firm, taut, and full breasts. Just like other issues, engorged breasts are quite uncomfortable for the mother as well. Breast engorgement can happen at the start of breastfeeding as your milk first comes in and the mother’s body is searching for finding out ways to regulate the milk production. Breast engorgement might also occur if you take long intervals between the feedings or if the baby is not draining the milk out of the breasts properly. 

In What Other Conditions Do You Need a Mother Milk Pump? 

  • Clogged Ducts:When your breasts become full as you take long intervals between feedings, your milk can get accumulated in the ducts causing clogged ducts. You will know it is a plugged duct when there is a hard lump in the breast, the breast becomes red, or the breast becomes sore to touch. If you have a fever as well, it is a sign of inflammation- mastitis. Other causes include: pumping the breasts while lying down using an ineffective method of using a milk pumping machine. 


  • Low Milk Supply:Breastfeeding is a system that works by supply and demand. The more you pump or nurse the breast, the more should be the supply of the milk. With that, there are a lot of other reasons that are responsible for a low milk supply, therefore, it is best to go to a consultant for lactation to find out what is going on. 


  • Baby Sleeping on the Breast:This problem is more prevalent in newborn babies who sleep a lot in the first few weeks of the delivery, so sleeping while nursing is not a rare sight, rather it is expected. However, sleeping on the breast can also take place when the baby is not getting a lot of breast milk. Milk flow in the breast feeding would keep the baby engaged. 


  • Inverted Nipples:If you are not sure whether you have inverted nipples or not, gently pinch the areola through the index finger and thumb. If the nipple retracts instead of protruding, you might have inverted nipples. It doesn’t mean that you will not be able to breastfeed. 


  • Thrush:The baby might develop oral thrush that renders the nipple of the mother to be red, swollen, and flaky in appearance. You might also feel a shooting pain and have an itching sensation or pain. 

These are some of the points which make it difficult for the mother to breast feed her baby. In some situations, the situation becomes difficult for the baby as well – as the baby would not be able to get the milk – the only nutrition a baby can get. 

How Can Mother Milk Pump Help you?

In all of the conditions mentioned here, we are here to tell you to not worry as there are different products you can use. 

  1. Electric Double Breast Pump

Little Martin’s Electric Double Breast Milk Pump Kit comes with an innovative design that mimics well with the natural sucking action of the baby. This way you are able to release the milk without any danger in an efficient and controlled manner. There is a cushioned shield for breasts made out of silicone that provides comfort to the mother and the baby and prevents leakage from happening. 

  1. Single Breast Pump

The single breast pump from Little Martin’s come with a dual mode technology that gives the mother options to change the suction power according to requirements. If you have any condition which makes it hard for the baby to latch on to your breast and suck milk naturally, the pump with a shield provides the mother with ultimate comfort and protection from stains. 

  1. Milk Bottle & Milk Storage Bag

With an effective milk bottle, you cannot get the best out of a milk pumping machine. Little Martin’s comes with a milk bottle with a wide neck and a broad base for ultimate satisfaction. You can store more milk in the bottle or bag which is also compatible with the single and the double breast pump. The natural-like nipple mimics the feel of the mother’s actual nipple allowing safe and easy transition for the baby to the nipple. 

Is Breastfeeding Necessary? 

Exclusive breastfeeding up to six months of age and complementary feeding from six months to two years is necessary for the health of the baby. It also helps in developing a god bond between the mother and the baby which ultimately helps in the nourishment of the baby’s mental health as well. This is why one shouldn’t get overwhelmed with these conditions as they can be easily solved with some care. 

Final Word

While there might be some issues regarding breastfeeding, it shouldn’t be forgotten that breastfeeding, in fact, is a beautiful gift from nature, and with some interventions through a lactation consultant, pediatrician, and by using some milk pumping machine or milk bottles, these problems can be easily managed. 

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