Little Martin's Baby Electric Toothbrush

$ 24.99
Type: Toothbrushes

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY – Sonic toothbrush vibrates to move 16,000 strokes per minute for reliable, high-efficiency cleaning
  • AUTO SWITCH OFF, INTERVAL VIBRATIONS – Smart inbuilt timer automatically switches off brush after 2 minutes, and will pulse every 30 seconds to indicate time to clean next section of mouth
  • TWO BRUSH HEADS – DuPont nylon bristles are soft and gentle, protecting young teeth and gums, while silicone brush head helps soothe discomfort of teething when used to massage baby’s gums
  • LED LAMP & COLORFUL LIGHT – White LED light helps moms observe baby’s teeth, while colorful flashing lights makes brushing fun for kids
  • BATTERY OPERATED – Requires 1x AAA which lasts 120 days when device used twice per day, 2 minutes per use

Manual - Baby Electric ToothBrush (PDF)

Customer Reviews

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Anh Hoang

Little Martin's Baby Electric Toothbrush


I was fortunate to have found this back in 2018 when my son was born. It has great suction, we use it 2x a day or more. I saw myself without it recently, and it was a nightmare. I tried about 7 other nasal aspirators and none compared. This product is safe and easy to use, great quality and OUTSTANDING customer service. Hands down the best nasal aspirator ever!!!

Awesome brush but where to get replacement heads?

This is the only brush we used from 6 months to 2.5 years for my daughter! The only question is, where to get replacement heads for it? Every time I'm searching, it's out of stock :(

Michelle Gilzenrat
Our toddler LOVES this brush

Our 18 month-old HATED brushing her teeth, but she always seemed intrigued by our electric toothbrush. So, we got her one of her own and SHE. LOVES. IT. We went from screaming at brushing time to giggles. She loves to push the button on and off, and we can finally get every tooth clean. In fact, now we have the opposite problem-- we have to pry it away from her at the end!

We love this electric toothbrush

We love this electric toothbrush! I mean, does a toddler really need an electric one? Probably not, but he'll actually use this one without me having to pin him down. My husband and I have an electric toothbrush and our kid always seems super interested in ours but not his regular toothbrush. Once we got him this, brushing teeth is a little less of a fight. The bristles are pretty soft and the vibrations are not as intense as the ones made for older kids.